Metro Chem Group Ahamadabad

Small equals big: Unlocking savings in small to midsize capital-project portfolios in chemicals.

Metro Chem Group Ahamadabad

Using advanced analytics to boost productivity and profitability in chemical manufacturing.

Metro Chem Group Ahamadabad

A game plan for international specialty-chemical companies in India.

Metro Chem Group Ahamadabad

The path to improved returns in materials commercialization.


METRO CHEM Group Industries is a Vanguard for the provision of services including but not limited to etc.

• Manufacturing
• Trading
• Exporting
• Blending
• Packing
• Grinding
• Storage Room
• Storage Tank
• Toll Manufacturing
• Provision of required raw and finished products
• Production of other allied Micronized Powder

Metro energy is focusing on the new energy project with the technical solution.

To be Metro, to be the right metro, with honesty, integrity, duty, high performance.

We have the team from multi-countries, and the team is our most important strength.

METRO CHEM GROUP is transporting materials to 31 countries within 5 years.

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